For those of us who were alive in the 50’s, the
tranquilizer Miltown was known as “Mother’s Little
Helper” to help her cope with bratty kids, a husband
who loved fishing more than her, or just to calm her
down after a hectic day of shopping (remember,
that was the pre-lib ’50s!). Of course Miltown
made you drowsy and could kill you in high doses!
Enter a Polish chemist who came to America fleeing the
Nazis. In 1963 Dr. Leo Sternbach invented a synthetic
compound called Diazepam. You know it better by its
legendary brand name, Valium. Elizabeth Taylor once
famously said she stuck to a strict diet of Valium and
Jack Daniels.
So in honor of that yellow pill stamped with the famous
V, we named our boat after her, dedicated to the pursuit
of fishing pleasures, free from every day worries and

What the heck are

To us fishermen, endorfins are those little jolts
of joy produced in the pituitary gland and sent to
the brain when we first see our lines go taut and
the reels starts screaming “fish, fish, fish!” Sure,
we know it’s really spelled ‘endorphins’, but when
we’re fishing and the deck is alive with action,
you know the endorfins are flying!

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Diazepam Explained